Winery & Grow Facility Tour

Trip Highlights

  • Tour Oldest Winery in Los Angeles

  • Tour Grow Facility

  • No Glass between you & plants

  • Flight of Wine on Bus

  • Weed & Wine Pairing

  • Staples Center

  • Pre Roll for a penny

  • $20 Cannabis Voucher

  • Coupon book with hundreds of dollars in cannabis savings

  • Kobe Memorial


Join us on our daily ride, exploring the sites and history of downtown Los Angeles. Through the 1920s, Los Angeles was the largest producer of wine in the country. From Orange County to the Hollywood Hills, wine grapes and wineries made up 80% of the land. Tour one of the oldest and longest running wineries, complete with flight of wine on bus. This family owned and operated business is a hit with our guests and their wines are amazing! Come learn how this winery survived and thrived during prohibition.

Next up, get a behind the scenes tour of Los Angeles's greatest boutique cannabis grow and retail operations. This tour will pull back the curtain on indoor growing and get you within inches of the plants. We guarantee these pictures will get the HIGHEST amount of likes on social media!

Complete your tour with an optional stop at LA Live and try one of their many restaurants including Cortez, Fixing Soul, Flemings, Katsuya and many more.

Tour info

3 hours
Group Size
no limit
Price starts at
Meeting Point

1323 S Flower Street Los Angeles CA

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Why take this tour?

If Martha and Snoop went on a tour this would be it. The perfect pairing for an afternoon in LA.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, but the smell will fade away within an hour on most fabrics!
We love to support friends! Everyone has fun.
All signs point to yes. Please plan on arriving 30 mins early to check in and shop for goodies with your 20% off. If you miss the bus please call (855)WEED-BUS and meet us at the first stop!
We do have limited parking available for $15. Please be sure to add parking when purchasing seats to ensure you get a spot!
All sales are final. Tour days and times can be changed up to 48 hours prior to the event.

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Meet us conveniently downtown by Arena. (Formally the Staples Center) We also finish here which gives you great post tour options at LA LIVE, The Grammys Museum, Grand Central Market and so much more!
First, we’ll stop at one of LA’s top downtown dispensaries so you can stock up. Choose from their massive selection of flower, vapes, edibles, drinks—you name it. (Ever tried a THC-infused margarita or Fireball?!) 

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Jams Flyer

Green Eggs and Jams: Karaoke Infused Nighttime Brunch

"GREEN EGGS & JAMS": A Karaoke infused Nighttime Brunch Spectacle in Downtown LA!

In the heart of Los Angeles, in a place quite divine,
Comes "GREEN EGGS & JAMS," oh, what a find!

So gather 'round, all you folks, young and old,
For a cannabis-infused brunch tale, oh so bold!

In Downtown LA, where the cityscape gleams,
This weekly delight, a brunch with grand dreams!

At 8 PM, as the moon starts to dance,
"GREEN EGGS & JAMS," a chance to enhance!

Expect the unexpected, a whimsical show,
Cannabis delights and karaoke to throw!

What to Expect, you may query with glee,
Let me unveil the wonders, just come and see:

1. **Delicious Cannabis-Infused "Brunch"**: Green eggs benedict and pancakes so sweet,
Infused dishes to savor, a culinary feat!
Coffee with a twist, it's quite a surprise,
A brunch to remember, for your hungry eyes!

2. **High-Quality Cannabis Products**: From top-tier producers, the finest they bring,
Safety and potency, with every infused fling!
A cannabis journey, both joyful and bright,
Quality is our pledge, oh, what a sight!

3. **Karaoke Extravaganza**: Take the stage, let your vocals be free,
In a lively atmosphere, for you and me!
Showstopper or not, it matters not a bit,
Lip sync and booty pop, just go with it!

4. **Stunning Downtown Location**: In a penthouse so chic, with views so divine,
The perfect backdrop, where memories entwine!
Downtown LA's heartbeat, in every embrace,
A setting that elevates, with style and grace!

5. **Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff**: Our staff, oh so wise, in cannabis lore,
Answers galore, for all questions and more!
A comfortable journey, with guidance so grand,
A Seussian adventure, in the cannabis land!

"GREEN EGGS & JAMS," a pledge to be wise,
For adults of twenty-one, a Seussian surprise!

Tickets are limited, so don't be slow,
Secure your spot, let the excitement grow!
Saturdays at ten, in Downtown's embrace,
Get ready for wonder, in this whimsical space!


Stoner Paint Night - Downtown LA

Join us weekly in Downtown Los Angeles with our toe-tapping Dab n' Paint Class. Unleash the creative powers of the cannabis plant with this two-hour Stoner Paint Class. No Experience is Needed! Our talented teachers have you covered! Stoner Paint is for anyone that wants to release their inner Picasso, both young and old.

Classes are perfect for any party! Birthdays, Bachelorette Parties, or Baby Showers where guests can actually have fun! Ask one of our cannabis concierges for party upgrades including balloons, cakes, booze, and more!

Each ticket holder receives $20 in free cannabis that can be pre-ordered and delivered straight to class. Rigs, Vapes are available for use. Feel free to bring beer and wine, we have solo cups for you lol

Must be 21+
BYOC and B